MOTS Spotlight: Remi Roy

I am so pleased to introduce my new friend and fellow writer, Remi Roy. I received a copy of Remi's debut novella, Ms. Unlikely and I throughly enjoyed it. Remi Roy has penned a sweet, realistic coming-of-age story. In doing so, she created likable and relatable characters, who make us care and root for them despite their imperfections. The characters jump of the page, with their witty dialogue and well-rounded personalities. I absolutely loved Reki and identified with many of the struggles she faced. Though I would have liked a little more resolution at the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

I look forward to many more great books from this author - she is definitely one to watch. Find out more about her and read more about her new book.

About Remi

Remi Roy was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Her love of books and reading blossomed into a desire to tell stories. In 2013, shemoved to the United States to study for a Masters in Emerging Media dn Communication.

She has been fortunate to know both the joys of accomplishmentand the confusion of facing a seemingly unclear future; something many people can relate to. AS a result, she loves to write about the unique experiences of young women as it pertains to finding and living their life's purpose. Ms. Unlikely is her first book. Remi lives in the United States with her husband. 


Ms. Unlikely: A Synopsis

Sometimes those who seem most unlikely to get it right, actually do...

Reki Atiba desperately wants a fulfilling career, a significant life or just something she can be passionate about. What she lacks in focu, she makes up for with her boisterous nature and quick wit. 

She meets and starts to fall in love with Debo Martins, a dashing 28-year-old Network Engineer who also happens to have a great singing voice. Rekis is excited about the possibility of a relationship, until Debo commits the ultimate sin; he tries to fix her!

Can Reki look beyond her insecurities and finally face her crippling fear of the future? Will she look to her widowed mother's example and take a bold step ahead? Or will what seemed like a small argument keep her from getting what she wants in life and love?

Set in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria, Ms. Unlikely is the story of a young woman’s search for meaning, fulfillment and love.


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