If I Wrote the Bible ...

If I wrote the Bible...

I'd change Luke 6:27 to read: "But, I say to you that listen, dislike your enemies, do good only to those that love you, bless those who bless you, pray for those that speak well of you..."

Because, that's what I'd rather do! Expend my emotional energy on those that care for me. Every day, I see a ton of memes on Facebook, which are mostly a variation of: "Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated," or "Surround yourself with like-minded people."

There are so many catch phrases that tell us to spurn people who make our lives difficult. That's the human way but in doing so, we resist Christ's command; it's uncomfortable, it's unpleasant and who wants that?

Not me.

But if I ... if we must fully express Christ is us, that's what we should do. Not change scriptures to fit our emotions or the latest trend.

No. We should chase His will and seek His help to achieve it. I know I cant do it on my own, but with God, everything is possible. 

What would you change if you wrote the Bible? Comment below. Thanks for reading!

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