I grew up in Owerri - a sleepy, little town in Eastern Nigeria. As a young child, I was drawn to books and read voraciously - everything I could get my hands on, even dictionaries! My love affair with words continued into my secondary school days and I penned my very first book in those carefree days; scribbling it in a notebook, which I passed around to my friends  to read. Sadly, I have no idea where that literary masterpiece is. 

I got my Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology and moved to Port-Harcourt in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta where I worked as the Project Manager for a waste management facility. After a couple of years, I needed a changes, so off I went to England where I knew nary a soul. I traveled in early October and I was supposed to stay with a couple who were my sister's friends. They weren't home when I got there, so I had to wait outside for a while. I had on a light silk blouse, a leather jacket and regular slacks...big mistake! I was almost frozen solid when the family got home. Still, I endured the temperamental English weather for three years and got a Masters degree to show for it. It was there in Manchester that the dream of writing began to coalesce into reality. I started working on a book, tentatively called 'Seasons' which I still hope to release in the next two years.

I started a blog - Meditations of the Soul in 2006, and one of my series on that blog grew into a novella, Finding Grace, which was released in December, 2013, followed shortly after by an anthology 'Who are You?' which was released in February, 2014.

Between 2007 and now, I somehow got married, had three children and got a second Masters degree...not necessarily in that order. I get on the writing wagon and I fall off when life gets crazy, but I'm still trucking away. I've realized that God values obedience and consistency and those are the things I'm striving for right now. I am a book addict, a recovering chocoholic who sometimes eats ice cream for breakfast (don't judge :p). I adore spending time with my family, music, quirky TV shows, watching/analyzing tennis (Not playing. No. Not that.) and of course writing. My great desire is that God will use my writing for His own purpose.