Most High…

“Jehovah, you are the most high…You are the most high God”… 

I swayed to the worship music and soaked up the atmosphere – the praise session that Sunday morning had been fantastic and I was basking in the glow of it all. I wasn’t really thinking about the lyrics of this particular song, until a few bars into it….the most high God…no one higher than Him; no one with more authority in heaven or on earth – NO ONE.


I started to ask myself, “Do I really live as if Jehovah is the most high? Do I really live as though He is the highest authority in heaven and on earth?” The president of the United States is commonly referred to as ‘The most powerful man in the world’, but even he doesn’t have absolute power. The system of government – with the legislative and judiciary arms – is specifically designed against giving any one person absolute power. A ruling made by the president can be overturned by the other branches of government! And yet, he is ‘the most powerful man in the world’.


But there is One who does have absolute power – Jehovah, the most high! Nothing happens outside His authority, outside His knowledge. There is no other recourse, but Him – he cannot be sued, His edicts cannot be repealed, His counsel stands forever!!


I will stand, even in the midst of pain and affliction, because I know that my Jehovah, the most high God, has my back.

Onyih Odunze