Clean House

I plugged in the vacuum power cord, and it roared into life startling me and alarming my 18-month old. My daughter is afraid of the vacuum and she makes sure to get herself a safe distance away once she sees me coming with it. She usually has a few moments to do so, but not that day. Alarmed by the sudden roar of the cleaner, she sprinted across the room in her funny toddler way, cleared the couch with a single leap, and sat staring at me accussingly! I laughed until I cried…but she wasn’t amused. 

My daughter and I usually do my chores together – every day, I do something to keep our house clean; I might do laundry, dishes, clean the counter tops, clean the bathroom, dust the blinds, mop the floors, vacuum. I don’t do all my chores in one day, but I do one or two every day to keep my home clean and avoid a buildup of dirt/grime. I enjoy the feeling I have when the house is clean and everything smells nice and fresh. But that feeling doesn’t last forever – after a while, things get dirty and need to be cleaned again.

 I started thinking about how much effort I put into keeping my house clean – and I wondered “Do I put in the same kind of effort into keeping my heart clean?” 

What do I do every day to keep my heart habitable for my Master?

Onyih Odunze