Conquering Fear

Last Sunday, I was incredibly honored to present my book, Finding Grace to the members of my church, House on The Word. At first, I was not eager to speak, because I have this thing about public speaking, but my Pastor insisted. So, I spent a few days thinking and praying about what I would say. Funny enough, what God pressed on my heart had very little to do with the book itself and a lot to do with fear. I felt more confident when I got to church that morning and the topic discussed during Sunday School was - you guessed it: Overcoming Fear. That message was excellent and potentially life-changing and I have received permission from the speaker to share it on this blog {which I'll do very soon}.

For now, though, I have attached a transcript of the very brief 2-minute talk I gave at the mini-book launch. Enjoy!

Talk on Fear: Transcript

"Good morning, church. Thank you Pastor Steve and all the pastors for giving me this opportunity to speak briefly about my book, Finding Grace. It is not something I take for granted.

Two days ago, I was looking through some email archives, and I found a draft of a book I was working on some years ago. I looked at the date on my notes for that book and it read: Jan 4th, 2004 – over 10 years ago. I had written about 17 pages of that book before I stopped and as I read through it on Friday; I was struck by the thought that it really wasn’t very good. I was glad not many people had seen it. But the biggest thing that struck was that it took me almost 10 years to finish my first book.

I found myself playing the ‘What if’ game: What if I had been more diligent with my writing all those years ago? Where might I be today? Of course, I wasn’t completely idle during those 10 years – I relocated from the UK to the United States, got married, started a family and went back to school. However, I did not give enough attention to this gift that God planted in me – just like He has planted something inside all of us.

A wise man said “Redeem the time, for the days are evil.” I’m grateful today that God has given me the opportunity to do just that – to write the stories that He lays on my heart.

Jesus was a story teller. He used short stories aka parables to reveal divine truths. And I see what I do in the same light. On the surface, Finding Grace is about a young woman who suffered a devastating betrayal and found herself imprisoned by her fear. Yet, that story is undergirded by the pillars of faith, love and forgiveness.

I have brought a few copies of Finding Grace and I’ll be selling them in the foyer right after service. Thank you for your anticipated support and I look forward to seeing everyone outside.

Before I step down, I’ll say this one thing:

Fear imprisons, but love liberates.

Don’t spend years locked in fear, neglecting the gift of God in you because you’re afraid of failure or rejection. You’ll never know what you can do until you try.

Thank you!

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