An Insight Into a Beautiful Mind {Part 2}

I hope you enjoy reading the concluding part of this brief series. I borrowed it from a friend and many of these phrases have stuck with me since I first came across her original post.

As always, thanks for reading and stay inspired!



What I Learned in 2012  

By Chichi Ugonma E.

On Relationships

I’ve learnt that it’s far better to be the right person than to look for the right person.

I’ve learnt that it’s better to lose your pride with the one you love than lose the one you love because of your pride.

I’ve learnt that commitment is better than excitement.  So it’s better to have someone committed to you than be excited by you.

I’ve learnt that people of value will stick around you because of the way you make them feel and not because of what they can get from you.

I’ve learnt that your destiny isn’t tied to anyone who leaves you. It simply means that their role in your scripted life is over.

I’ve learnt that there’s a little truth behind ‘just kidding’, a little emotion behind ‘I don’t give a damn’, a little pain behind ‘it’s ok’, a little need behind, ‘leave me alone’ and a lot of words behind silence.

I’ve learnt that you can’t make yourself happy by bringing misery to others.

I’ve learnt that in any relationship whether intimate or platonic, you can never get an exact person of your type so you’ll either have to adjust or compromise. You adjust when someone wants to be with you and you compromise when you want to be with someone.

I’ve learnt that because something didn’t last forever doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.

I’ve learnt that letting go is hard but not impossible. All you need are true friends, time and faith for a new beginning.

I’ve learnt that the most amazing feeling in the entire universe is to be with that one person who wants to be with you despite your faults, flaws, warts and all.

On Faith

I’ve learnt that it’s impossible to apply faith and logic at the same time.

I’ve learnt that there is a God who is with me and who is for me.

I’ve learnt that I am a three in one creation- the masterpiece, the centerpiece and the corner-piece. I am the epitome of divine creation, the center of God’s attention and the cornerstone of God’s love.

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