7 Things You Need to Know About Fear By Osi Ukomadu

Source: Bing Images

Source: Bing Images

At the beginning of this study, which was presented during a worker's training, a question came: What is fear? 

There are different types of fear: Fear based on reality (e.g. encountering a shooter on a rampage) or fear based on our perception of reality (e.g. I just know I'll fail if I take up that new business idea). For many of us, the fear that cripples us mentally and emotionally is the one based on our perception of reality. I believe that God is speaking to someone about overcoming fear and stepping out in faith. Here, I present 7 important yet simple facts about fear. It is difficult, if not impossible to fight something that we do not understand. I hope that as we gain more understanding about fear, we will become empowered to overcome it.

  • Fear is a learned behavior: if we can learn it, then we can un-learn it!
  • It is our protective response to our perceived volatile environment
  • Fear is a wall we build to protect ourselves but the wall locks us in
  • Nothing of greatness can be achieved without removing the limitation of fear
  • Decisions made out of fear will always produce undesired outcomes. For instance, what happened to Job who said: "For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me." 
  • The prescription for fear is insight and total trust in the word of God.
  • The word, which we have experienced and tested is our antidote to fear
    • The word is continuously revelational; the greater knowledge we unlock, the bolder we become.
    • We read through the scriptures some bold statements made by men who have been tested.
    • Some of us are working with less than 1% of this capability.

Next week, I will complete this series with a brief post on Peter's 'Walking on Water' moment and what we can learn from it. Until then, think about this: What would you do today if you were completely free from fear? 

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

Osi Ukomadu