Letters From The Psalmist – Psalm 57

My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music. Psalm 57: 7 (New International Version)

David wrote this psalm when he was hiding from Saul, who was pursuing him out of fear that David would usurp his position as King of Israel.  He prayed for mercy and cried out to God for deliverance. He was in dire straits and he feared for his life. Saul was pursuing him relentlessly and David was reduced to hiding out in caves with his men. Can you imagine being pursued by the King of the land, with all the resources at his disposal? It must have been a terrible experience, and it was. Here are some of the things David talked about…

-          He was in the middle of a disaster (v1)

-          People were in hot pursuit of him (v3)

-          He likened the men after him to lions, and ravenous beasts with teeth like spears and tongues like swords (v4)

How discouraged David must have been! But, no.  After listing everything that was going wrong in his life, David said “I will sing and make music..”


What? Was he crazy?

Sing and make melody in the middle of a mess?

Sing and make melody while fighting for his life?

Instead of figuring out how to outfox Saul?

Sing and make melody instead of… (insert your own question here)

Yes, yes and yes.

David knew how to encourage himself in the Lord. He often got discouraged due to all the drama in his life, but he always found a way to lift his spirits.

He knew that sustained discouragement can lead to depression, and depression can cripple you.

So, he would often shake himself out of a funk by singing, making music and praising God. Regardless of what he was facing, David never allowed himself to get discouraged…even while fearing for his life.  

Let’s borrow a page from David and make music in the face of chaos.

Please enjoy this poem by my lovely sister-in-law, Amarachi Odunze, who God has blessed with a boatload of talent.

Stay inspired!



The quiet killer of the brave
the secret assassin of the mighty!
You have stolen the crown of champions
and dug the grave of stars
you have retired fire brand souls
and turned them into fiber-brand souls

You have turned many Gehazis into Gorillas
Due to impatience and 
search of shortcut to glory!
Ah, you have whispered to thousands 
That their glory hour is far off
Yet so near, that they gave up before their time

Oh People! Stand! 
Move on this narrow road to your Promised Land.
Oh People!
Refuse to quit!
Though heavy it may seem! 
Oh People! 
Lift up the dropping hands 
Remember you are dealing with
A formidable but defeated Enemy!