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Straining to see through the soft rain that blanketed the windshield, he pulled off the narrow two-lane road and parked on the grassy shoulder. It wasn’t just the rain that obscured his vision. There were tears too. They came, hot and heavy; the pain in his heart almost unbearable. The call he dreaded had finally come. His father was gone. Thinking about his fatherless state drove him to fresh tears. Tears of pain. His mentor and confidante would never see him become everything he was destined to be. Would never see the full expression of his destiny. The thoughts came, bearing their own burdens. Burdens almost too heavy to be carried. He had lost the strength to drive…and so he sat, the soft, driving rain pelting the car as its occupant mourned the man he had looked up to his entire life.


Chukwuemeka Odunze (popularly known as Emmy) is a Gospel vocalist, songwriter, author and composer with the anointing for praise and worship. He is also the founder and CEO of Psalmist Music Inc. He is a passionate young man, a dynamic speaker/singer and a visionary.

Born and raised in a Christian home in Eastern Nigeria, his early musical influences include Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The WinansBoyz II Men, and his father, Dr. Don Odunze, who was a Choir Director in their church. As a young boy, he would spend long hours in church watching the church band and choir rehearse. His family and friends soon realized that his interest in music was genuine and unwavering. Not minding the long hours spent on the road, he began to accompany his parents on their ministry trips for marriage seminars and crusades and even participated in some events.

My dad would give me 5 minutes to sing a song before he would preach. I remember the first time I sang in front of a crowd of about 3000 people at the age of 12, something happened within me that day, which I still can’t describe. I knew I was born for this.”

By the time he was 13, his music teacher realized he could comfortably sing and differentiate all four parts of harmony, and suggested he be moved up to the senior church choir. Emmy’s love for music blossomed as he sang Acapella with his siblings, and led youth choirs and groups within the city of Enugu in Nigeria.

Emmy moved to United States in his early twenties and acquired a degree in Communications and Public Affairs, graduating with honors. Emmy continues to flourish in his life-long calling and currently serves as one of the lead worshipers at House on the Word Church in Houston, Texas.

The sudden death of Emmy's father in 2008 was devastating, especially because of the distance. "From the minute I moved to the U.S., I dreaded that call..." Emmy recalled pensively. Living so far away, he could not be by his father's side at the end and for him it was the end of an era. His father's influence lives on though...not just in Emmy's life, but in the lives of his entire family. 

Emmy's stage presence is undeniable. He has supreme confidence in the One who gave the gift and it shows whenever he sings. A close relative had this to say:

"Whenever Emmy takes the stage, something incredible happens. His energy is amazing and he definitely has a worshipper's heart."

Described by a friend as an anointed and talented worshipper, Emmy has completed work on his debut album '…But God' and an album launch concert - RAW - is scheduled for September 7th, 2013. RAW, an acronym for 'Radical. Authentic. Worship.' is expected to be a night of uplifting praise and incredible worship. The concert will also feature gospel artists Cohbams Asuquo and EmEm. When asked how he would want to be remembered, he paused and said:

"A man that gave his all to God, Family, life and went home empty.”

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